Our Barndominium Life, LLC

Our Barndominium Life, LLC


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We describe Barndominiums as custom designed, steel-framed, single family residences with metal roof and siding.  

Our designs are expansive taking advantage of open spaces, soaring ceilings, outdoor entertainment space, and other unique features at the request of the homeowner.  "Wow" is essential to our designs! 

We are designing compounds for clients that include (1) a main Barndominium home, (2) an Entertainment Barndo, (3) Shop/Garage, (4) Guest House, (5) Bunk House, and/or (6) Chapel or other buildings.

Our clients generally own 1-5 acres.  Many have more acreage. We also design projects for Barndominium friendly developments.

One focal point of our business is linking our design clients with lenders, material suppliers, and builders. Conventional home builders (wood frame) can build Barndos if the have a great metal shell building crews on their team.  We can help there too. 


Annette Raggette
VP Strategy & Special Projects

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